I use the living in allotment garden and vegetation period for the metaphor of artistry, haste and unhurriedness.

These three concepts are in the central position. I have built an idea for my position in the field of contemporary art by treating these themes.I have been a graphic designer since 1982. During this time the work has become computer-based. The last tweny years have meant cutting loose of the old things and learning new programs and systems. Haste and tight schedule mark the days.In my thesis work I study my exhibition and its themes, the decoys. A decoy’s task is to attract a bird. My goal is to attract eyes and to provoke thoughts. I observe interesting techniques, drawing, relief printing and video.

I am a visual artist, a graphic designer and something between these. Graphic design will always go hand in hand with the task of an artist. I am winding flexibly somewhere between these two professions.In the first chapter I deal with the past. The second chapter explores the current vegetation period and the last one the future periods. I reflected these three headings in my work. I concluded that unhurriedness is necessary in the work of visual artist. An artist must respect the importance of his work give enough time to it. Such working conditions I am going to do in the future. I’m going to concentrate on building such working conditions in the future.