about my work

Anne Kimiläinen uses mainly drawing at the beginning of her works. Themes have been found eg. from the islands of Kökar in Åland and from allotment garden. Anne’s work is based on an observation of the environment, nature and people. She has held several solo exhibitions and has participated in many collective- and group exhibitions in Finland.

I am, who knows how many generations, descendant of craftsmen. Father made furniture and mother sewing clothes. Father got a salary from the cotton mill, his mom was at home. I also work five years in cotton mill.

I graduated from Lahti Institute of Design -82, therefore, I has worked as a graphic designer for forty years.

I had grown slowly for art, I was over forty when I began to think seriously of an artistic work for myself. From 1996 to 2017, I worked as a graphic artist in the Yle (Finnish Broadcasting Company). The work of the graphic artist satisfied the need for creation and image creation for a long time. In the fall of 2017, I was able to get out of my job and I was able to concentrate on my own work.

My artwork shows my image culture; graphic design, where the most important tools for a given assignment are visuals, elegance and aesthetics.

I studied at the Turku Art Academy for BA grade 2011-2013. The training was mainly theoretical. Education was an excellent review of contemporary artist work.

After studying, I returned to my other job as a graphic artist, and there was no time left for anything else. It took me all my time. No time for my art.

Over the past fifteen years, for me the times in Kökar have been important. I love to work there.

My closest work method is drawing. Along with drawing and in combination, I also use different painting techniques and graphics. Last autumn (2017) I was curious about ceramics.

Making a picture is the best tool for thinking and reflection. A great idea behind the understanding for  being human.

My most important exhibits are the Piirtolapuutarha and the Travel to Horizon. I have made the subject through stones and garden metaforas.

Moving and being in nature, especially in the archipelago and in the allotment garden, produces works. Based on these, I discuss and write and continue some work in the workroom as a whole new job.

Anne Kimiläinen lives and works in Pori, Finland.